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Soniye Dil Nai Lagda Tere Bina Translation by Baaghi 2

I don't want to live without you,
I don't feel like living...

the heart is awake at nights,
it seems to be crazy.
it counts all the stars and
thinks about you.

that's my condition,
what's your condition
without me, tell me.

O beloved, I don't feel good without you,
my heart is not at peace without you.

that you come sit in front of me,
my eyes have prayed.
now that you are not close to me,
every moment feels like a punishment.

I just want to get you.
I don't want anything else
other than you, I swear to you.

all my paths turned towards you,
now you alone are my destination.
leaving the whole world now,
I have to now live in your world only.
my days don't pass,
I'm trapped, tortured,
in the separation from you.


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